We at Bed and Earth are dedicated towards providing you with luxurious, handmade, 100% rich cotton bed linens. To do so, we have traveled far and wide to find products that will provide you unparalleled comfort and stunning aesthetics. Our focus is on boutique, small-scale creation from independent artisans.

The Bed and Earth brand was created by professionals with over 15 years of home decor industry experience so every stitch, tag & button gets a meticulous attention to detail & you can feel assured about the products you purchase. We believe your linens should reflect your personality and offer a range of modern and classical designs to suit any kind of bedroom.

An average person spends 1/3rd of their life sleeping so we believe linen should be a joy to buy, to own and to sleep in every night. Cozy vs. Bright. Sophisticated vs. Fun. Simple vs. Vibrant – Pick your style and enjoy flat rate shipping for any number of items.

Why Bed and Earth? We would like to convey three simple points:

* Especially for YOU- Most of our products are designed by experienced Interior Designers and are either hand printed or hand embroidered by skilled artisans, which gives each piece a personal touch.

* Environmentally friendly- We create natural linens by using 100% cotton fabrics and eco-friendly dyes.

* Ethical campaigns- Our handcraft based production methods aim to provide a sustainable source of income for artisans and their families, and help preserve centuries old cloth-work techniques.

Remodeling and Home Design